The Only One
Heartfelt and emotive tracks mostly featuring piano, electric guitar and synths with both dramatic and motivating atmospheres.
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Eternal Darkness
Sinister tracks ready to play their part in creating dark, tense and horrific atmospheres as well as bring the energy for those thriller-style action sequences.
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Danger Close
Action delivers energetic orchestral and electronic hybrid tracks with suspense, tension, drama and all-out action composed in a range of styles.
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Fired Up
Energetic rock with a range of influences. Huge riffs, punchy drums, heavy basslines and soaring solos.
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New Roads
Hybrid emotive tracks featuring orchestral, electronic and guitar elements providing both uplifting and melancholic moods.
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Coming Home
Adventurous and uplifting orchestral tracks made for inspirational moments with both ambient and upbeat atmospheres.
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Intricate and aggressive percussion to build tension and provide the energy when it’s needed in both acoustic and electronic form.
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A Lonely Journey
Otherworldly and ambient tracks with serene melodies evoking a range of moods from contemplation and curiosity to hope and romance.
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Fun, minimal and light-hearted acoustic tracks for creativity and tasking.
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Dark Matter
Mysterious, mournful and unsettling orchestral tracks accompanied by electronic elements ideal for dark, dramatic narratives.
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Lonely Keys
Solo piano tracks ideal for emotive and melancholic projects such as drama, crime or romance.
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Long Road Ahead
A journey through dusty roads and beautiful landscapes with the perfect mix of acoustic instrumentation with an indie pop flavour.
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On The Case
Crime includes a versatile range of tracks that are perfect for crime, thrillers and mysterious stories and scenes.
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Sci-Fi consists of orchestral-led tracks with electronic elements. Mostly dark, brooding and tense tracks ideal for action, discovery, horror and drama.
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Sonictracs provides a diverse, high-quality catalogue of original music composed specifically for use in creative media projects from feature films and broadcast television to games and podcasts. 

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