No matter the project, we have a license option for you.

We provide a range of coverage options so that the license you purchase is suitable for your specific project, meaning that you only pay for what you need.

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Single Song License

If you’ve found a song that you would like to license, then Sonictracs offers a single payment license that will allow you to use the song of your choice in your film, tv show, advert, podcast or any other project.
  • Specific single song licenses
  • One-time payment
  • Global clearance

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Film & TV

Production companies and broadcasters of all sizes.


Content creators across every online platform.


Ad agencies, brands and production companies.


Game studios and app developers.







Social Media




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Individual, student, non-corporate production & content

Corporate or charity production & content

Paid advertising on social media platforms

Paid advertising on all online platforms

Advertising on TV, radio, cinema or other media platforms

Feature films, TV programmes, documentaries, games, apps


Please ensure you read our licence terms in full before purchasing a track.


For social media content and video sharing sites (up to 50K subscribers), student projects, personal projects, podcasts (up to 1K monthly listeners). YouTube and social media monetisation is permitted. Excludes paid advertising.


For commercial or charity social media content and video sharing sites, internal company use, commercial content creators, podcasts. YouTube and social media monetisation is permitted. Excludes paid advertising.

Social Media

Paid advertising on any social media platform. Excludes YouTube advertising. Unlimited ad spend.


Paid advertising on any digital platform including YouTube. Unlimited ad spend.

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For feature films, TV, games, apps and advertising on platforms not considered social media or digital, we will need to provide a personalised quote for your specific project.

Need some help choosing right license option for you? You can read our licence terms or get in touch with a question here.